Growth and Development - Cyber Security

CR Corporate Solutions was introduced to the CEO of a group of companies by a mutual friend and business associate.

The three companies, whilst not in a formal group, were in the early stages of their development and required significant hands-on assistance to develop management teams, structures and finance to take advantage of the numerous opportunities that the existing CEO and COO had developed on a shoestring.

The businesses operate across cyber security including risk assessment, risk management, encryption, ongoing support, and the provision of an online trust rating in conjunction with a major global information services company.

Whilst this work has only recently commenced, significant progress has already been made:

  • restructuring of the shareholders in one company
  • new private investment in one of the companies
  • new working capital facility in one company
  • introduction of new management teams across all three businesses
  • various strategic alliances with companies throughout the world

There remains significant work to be done in all three businesses to take advantage of the numerous opportunities. This is very much the start of an interesting and exciting journey.

Craig Rattray has been appointed to the board of all three companies and will continue to work with the new teams to drive profitability and enhance Shareholder Value.

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