A Review of the Last Six Months 1st August 2014

There have been a number of successes over the last six months and some of these have been highlighted in the CR Corporate Solutions LinkedIn group. These include:

  • Negotiations and successful sale of two businesses in the engineering and manufacturing sectors.
  • Re-banking and increase in Confidential Invoice Discounting facilities to £1.75m for a growing profitable client.
  • Restructuring and recapitalisation of one client and the formation of a new management team.
  • Financial restructuring and continued support from existing bank for four different clients, including various short-term facility increases.
  • The appointment of Craig Rattray as Non-Executive Director to one new client.
  • Successful submissions for two different clients in respect of SMART awards.
  • Currently in the latter stages of the "spin-out" process for a client and working through an Executive Director Designate project.
  • Various projects for the University of Strathclyde through the Strathclyde Enterprise Partner relationship and member of the Gabriel Investment Syndicate.
  • Various Addo projects.
  • Other current projects include:
    • Our first project in Aberdeen – see next Newsletter.
    • Valuation and buy-out of one partner, finance raising for growth & development, and succession plan.
    • Strategic review of a company with follow-on work to implement agreed changes.
    • Early stage commercialisation of a new business opportunity.
    • Finance raising and revamping of the management team to grow and develop market leading business.
    • High growth start-up – not university related.

In the last ten days, Craig Rattray has also been asked to join the board of two companies in a Non-Executive Director capacity.

We remain keen to engage with "companies with challenges" – positive challenges where companies are growing and require additional finance alongside commercial and financial expertise, and negative challenges where the company is stressed, and has financial strain and pressure from finance providers.

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