A Review of the Last Six Months 1 February 2016

Whilst the last six months have been quieter as a result of overcoming my personal challenges, there have been a number of successes during that period and some of these have been highlighted in the CR Corporate Solutions LinkedIn group. These include:

  • Growth finance facilities put in place for two fast growing profitable clients, including equity, EFG term loan, Confidential Invoice Finance facilities and asset finance.
  • Appointed to the board of three related companies to assist in their growth and development (see Case Study below).
  • Financial restructuring and continued support from the existing bank for two clients, including various short-term facility increases.
  • Strategic review for two new clients and follow-on work.
  • Review of the financial management capabilities and suggested changes for a new client including follow-on work.
  • Acquisition work for three different clients – all are ongoing.
  • Two early stage finance raisings.
  • Two successful SMART applications.
  • Four Scottish Edge finalists, although disappointingly only one winner.
  • A client winner of the Herald Scottish Digital Awards Student category.
  • Continued financial advice and finance raising support for a social media platform.
  • Various projects for the University of Strathclyde through the Strathclyde Enterprise Partner relationship, University Campus West and member of the Gabriel Investment Syndicate.
  • Other current projects include:
    • Growth and development finance raising.
    • Early stage private investment finance raising.
    • Acquisition of a competitor by a longstanding client, and two other acquisition projects.
    • Buy-out of a partner and succession planning for the new team.
    • Strategic review of a company with follow-on work to implement agreed changes.
    • Strategic review of a longstanding community interest company.

We remain keen to engage with “companies with challenges” – positive challenges where companies are growing and require additional finance alongside commercial and financial expertise, and negative challenges where the company is stressed, and has financial strain and pressure from finance providers.

In many of these situations we are happy to work on an equity incentivised basis, which preserves cash for the company. This is particularly useful in early stage and turnaround opportunities. We added a number of new shareholdings over the last six months.

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