intropicFinance covers two key areas: ensuring companies are appropriately financed and financial management.


CR Corporate Solutions has significant experience of arranging alternative financial packages both for growth and restructuring businesses. It is part of our role to work with our clients to ensure that they have the appropriate financial structure through a combination of debt, equity and other financial instruments. This may involve restructuring the existing financial structure and / or ensuring that additional finance is of the correct type and quantum.

CR Corporate Solutions fully understand the many changes in the banking marketplace and the needs and requirements of banks and their credit teams. We also fully understand the requirements of investors.

We have a strong reputation and significant experience in assisting in the management of banking and investor relationships, alongside managing challenging cashflow situations. Many of our new clients are a direct result of introductions and recommendations from existing finance providers.


We aim to improve financial reporting both internally and that provided externally to Financial Stakeholders. We ensure that our clients have strong financial management and reporting, and use the information to allow decisions to be made and to run the business.

This includes ensuring monthly management accounts and related information, up-to-date longer-term forecasts, and rolling thirteen week cashflow forecasts, all of which are crucial to understanding where the business is and where it is going. Working capital management also plays a vital part.

New finance may be required to fund:

  • organic growth and new opportunities
  • acquisitions
  • exit / succession
  • turnaround

All businesses require accurate and timely financial information. CR Corporate Solutions has significant experience of ensuring companies have effective:

  • management reporting systems
  • forecasting systems
  • strong and effective working capital management
  • internal systems, procedures and controls

It is vital that companies understand not only their historic trading, but also the impact that the past has on the future.


Timely financial information allows management to change and influence the future, and to forecast with greater certainty. It is also a requirement of many external stakeholders. Regardless of this, it is imperative in order to run the business effectively and in order to maximise profitability, shareholder value and cash.

Changes in the banking sector have also resulted in a requirement for more reliable and timely information. It is unlikely that a company's bank will request information that the company should not itself be preparing and using within its business. CR Corporate Solutions has vast experience of dealing with these requirements and providing an effective link between companies and their finance providers.

"If you don't know where you have been or where you are, it is difficult to establish future direction."

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