intropicEffective turnaround / performance enhancement utilises the three core CR Corporate Solutions services of:

  • Strategy
  • Management
  • Finance

Successful CR Corporate Solutions turnarounds are founded on the following principles:

  • The business must have a clear Strategy to navigate its way through the current problems.
  • The business must have the right Management team with the appropriate skills and experience in order to implement and deliver the chosen Strategy. In addition, strong leadership is required to guide the team and provide the focus required.
  • The business must have the right Finance, financial structure and resources in place, including appropriate financial information.


CR Corporate Solutions provides leadership and control in turnaround and performance enhancement situations, leading businesses through periods of change to a successful outcome. It is vital that key stakeholders are managed throughout the turnaround phase and have close and regular dialogue. In many situations, key stakeholders work with management to create the turnaround plan by:

  • agreeing the turnaround strategy
  • assisting with the recruitment of new Management resources
  • providing restructured and / or additional finance

CR Corporate Solutions works closely with the key stakeholders and management to implement the strategy and ensure that key objectives and milestones are achieved.


We provide stability and control in turnaround / performance enhancement situations, and ensure focus on cash management and robust financial information. Both are vital to successful turnarounds. Craig Rattray is an Associate Member of R3, the Association of Business Recovery Professionals (www.r3.org.uk).


Craig is also a partner in Addo Partnership LLP, The Management Solutions Group, who provide a team approach to managing solutions. Addo provides operational skills and experience which complements the CR Corporate Solutions approach.

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