Welcome to CR Corporate Solutions

Enhancing Shareholder Value For Entrepreneurial And Ambitious Business Owners
By Providing Quality Strategic Development & Forward Thinking Financial Management

CR Corporate Solutions was established in 2009 by Craig Alexander Rattray to provide high quality Strategic Development and Financial Management support to ambitious SMEs across sectors and stages of development.

Our expertise leads business owners with the vision & drive to grow their company, and develops and implements effective growth & exit strategies.

Founded on the principles of honesty, integrity and sound commercial business sense, our focus is on leading ambitious clients to:

  • increased profitability
  • improved cash flow
  • enhanced shareholder value

We provide flexible hands-on support, high-quality bespoke strategic advice and innovative yet practical solutions.

We specialise in working with ambitious companies and entrepreneurial business owners who want to grow and enhance shareholder value.

We ensure that you know, from a strategic and financial perspective:

  • where you are
  • where you have been
  • where you are going

Our role ensures that you have the financial and other resources required to achieve your growth and ambitions.

We work with you to create and implement growth strategies and ensure that you have high quality financial information to make decisions, a well thought through strategy which is your route map for success and the necessary finance.

We are the missing piece of your Management team jigsaw.

What We Do?

We operate as Finance Director/Chief Financial Officer/Non-Executive Director/Chairman for growing and ambitious companies with great operational teams.  We are your trusted aid. These roles provide strategic financial and commercial solutions, as well as leading finance raising for growth and exit.

We provide experienced business advice with exceptional results.

Our focus is on delivering commercial solutions geared to our clients’ success and their desired outcome. We develop solutions that allow operational management teams to focus on “running the business”. We complement the management team in our Strategic Financial role, producing tangible benefits to profitability, cashflow and shareholder value.

Who We Do It For?

We work with ambitious companies and entrepreneurial business owners.

We work with business owners who want to develop market leading businesses and enhance shareholder value.

We work with business owners who take action and drive success. Our portfolio of growth and succession clients comprises companies at various stages of development and industry sector. We allow you, the business owner, to focus on running the business operationally, whilst working alongside you on Strategic Finance matters. We ensure that you have the financial information , the finance facilities and the well thought through strategy for you to achieve your aims and ambitions. We are very much the final piece of your Business jigsaw.

Our Niche

Our niche is working with excellent operational teams who understand their industry, and their products and services, but are less experienced in strategy and Strategic Finance.

We work with ambitious entrepreneurial owners who want to grow and enhance shareholder value.

Our approach allows the business owner and operational team to do what they do best – focus on “running the business” knowing that all finance related matters are professionally dealt with and managed.  As is expected, we provide a high-quality service. We provide a bespoke service tailored to specific needs, and support our clients to increase profitability, cashflow and shareholder value.

Completing the Jigsaw

We work closely with the CEO, Managing Director, company shareholders and other finance providers.

We  operate as Finance Director/Chief Financial Officer/Non-Executive Director/Chairman, or on a consultancy basis.

Regardless of title or role, we form a core part of your team.

We provide skills and expertise developed over 30 years of working with entrepreneurs and ambitious business owners like you.

Our Strategic Finance expertise guides you through your business journey.

Our skills and experience complete the Management “jigsaw”.

Why You Should Work With Us?

We are the missing piece of your Business jigsaw.

We work closely with the Management team, and help organisations tackle their most complex and critical challenges, working from Strategy development through implementation and delivery, setting direction, and ensuring strong Financial Management.

Many business owners do not fully understand finance and financial matters whether that is accounts, forecasts, cash, banks or investors.

Leave that to us.

You do what you are good at.

We will do what we are good at. We can guarantee that you will have high quality financial information, forecasts, a strategic plan and a route to success, and that you will soon understand the key numbers in your business and how to influence them.

Working With Us - Top 10 Benefits

  1. Financial Leadership and high-quality financial management.
  2. Financial information tailored to what you need: information that you can use in the business to make key decisions.
  3. Never have another sleepless night over cash problems.
  4. More time for you the business owner; working on rather than in the business.
  5. Better control and management of your company.
  6. A route map to success.
  7. Increased profitability and enhanced shareholder value.
  8. Successfully managed growth.
  9. Freedom in terms of time and money.
  10. We get results.

Craig Alexander Rattray

Craig Alexander is a Growth Strategist and Cash Expert.

He is a highly skilled strategic Finance Director/Chief Financial Officer with three decades of Strategic Finance successes comprising development and implementation of financial strategy, raising finance and providing full strategic financial management.

He has an unrivalled blend of skills developed in private equity/venture capital investment management, financial strategy and control roles, and corporate finance.

Craig Alexander has significant expertise in helping business owners with the vision and drive to grow their company, and help develop and implement effective growth and exit strategies, building value and providing freedom in terms of time, stress and money.

He understands the loneliness of the business owner; the demands on time; the uncertainty; nobody caring as much; nobody doing it as well; how to grow; how to fund; how to exit.  He has been there and gone through it.

Craig Alexander has a reputation for achieving results others were unable to, and is the missing piece of the jigsaw for forward thinking business owners focused on value enhancement.

His business mantra is all about looking after people, and improving profitability, cashflow and shareholder value.

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Craig Alexander is the author of “Mastering Cash Flow for Business Owners” which was ranked number 1 in Amazon’s “Hot New Releases”.

He is a recognised cash expert and regularly speaks to finance providers and their clients on how to “master cash flow”.

Craig Alexander has been introduced by banks and investors to their clients for the last 30 years.


He gets results.

Cash management is the key to success in most businesses.

Recent Highlights and Achievements