Growth and Development – Technology


We were introduced to the CEO of a group of companies by a mutual friend and business associate.


The three companies, whilst not in a formal group, were in the early stages of their development and required significant hands-on assistance to develop management teams, structures and finance to take advantage of the numerous opportunities that the existing CEO and COO had developed on a shoestring.

The businesses operated across a high growth technology area and were working in collaboration with a major global information services company.


We worked with the shareholders and management team to:

  • restructure the shareholdings
  • raise new private investment in one of the companies
  • negotiated a significantly improved working capital facility into another company
  • developed new management teams across all three businesses
  • created various strategic alliances with companies throughout the world allowing significant scaling-up across the three companies

We introduced a robust financial reporting structure and cash management system across all three companies.

Following a period as part-time Finance Director we recruited a full-time replacement and remain a consultant to the company.


Key outcomes of the role included:

  • Revamped financial infrastructure and reporting and forecasting regime
  • Strategic development and creation of new management teams
  • Strong financial management and cash management