I can’t endorse Craig Alexander highly enough. He is a very diligent, innovative and capable finance expert. Craig Alexander can assess the financial situation in any business quickly and come up with solutions to help the owners get where they are wanting to go and then steer the strategy through to success. This may be succession through trade sale/VIMBO or growth through acquisition. Craig Alexander is an excellent Finance Director with integrity and a provider of sound advice to management teams. A great guy to have on your team.
I would describe Craig Alexander as the consummate professional, who offers so much more than the average Chartered Accountant, under-pinned by an extensive corporate finance and fund-raising background. He works tirelessly until the project requirements are met, weekends and all, his work ethic is incredible. I would classify Craig Alexander as a trusted advisor, friend and confidant, I would therefore have no hesitation in recommending Craig Alexander to any board, of any size and scale.
I have been working with Craig Alexander for only two months and the changes to me and my business are amazing. He is truly inspirational and exudes energy. I have already freed up time and can see the building blocks of value taking shape. I am excited to continue the journey with him.